Monday, 19 November 2018

Was Bhupen Hazarika a Genius?

Was Bhupen Hazarika a Genius?

The definition of the term ‘Genius’ is quite controversial, actually, I think it is not easy for anyone to light this word in one particular sentence.

Some define it by a person who is hard working and never wants to back down is a genius and some other define a person who is brilliant genetically from the mind is the real genius.

What do you think my friend?

So, today in this post I am willing to discuss with you about this topic from the point of view of our great Assamese Singer, songwriter, lyricist, and the independent politician Dr.Bhupeen Hazarika.

So, what do you think was he a Genius?

Actually, I think from my point of view that Dr.Hazarika had a lot of qualities that a genius person should have to but we have remembered that in his life he played more than one fields…..

(Of course, each and every person living in the world has some own born qualitative potentialities, but the main problem is the lack of focus in one field)

If we see Hazarika’s artistic life then there is no doubt that during the time when he was alive there was no one in Assam, can be compared to him in this field.

But looking at the other part of his political life it is difficult to think that Mr.Hazarika did something great that we can remember him as a politician.

So, my viewpoint on Dr.Bhupeen Hazarika’s life that he was a genius in the field of singing but in the political field he was not so good, that we love to call him a Political Genius like Kautilya pandit.

How Dr.Bhupeen Hazarika was Unique from other people?

A person generally who follows blindly all the rituals and ethics of his society can’t be unique from others who live in the same society If you want to be unique then you have to gain first the ability to challenge irrational social ethos or rituals.

So I ask you now did Dr.Hazarika has any challenging abilities?

What’s your answer will be?

Ok, if you don’t get it then let me explain you.

Actually, an artist is always revolutionary because he/she always has to be creative minded and always has to think to create something new.

They present their creativity in some very stylish forms, which is new, fresh, attractive and most importantly it's revolutionary, those common people unable to understand but loved very much.

This is strange to think how an artist can impact on a society, but believe m,e they are amazing guerilla reformers.

This is called the secret power of an artist.

Bhupen Hazarika did the same thing with a revolutionary mindset but nobody; especially common people unabl to understand how he was impacting on their tradition.

As an example- ‘Ei Dhunia Godhuli Logon’ did you ever listen to this beautiful song?

Oh, it’s amazing!

Do you know really what theme this song tried to mean?

Oh, common it’s easy to understand.

This songs theme is completely based on ‘Matting’ activities and Assamese society doesn’t support these things to reveal publicly but what happened when first time Bhupen Hazarika’s this song was sung by Asha Bhosle;

‘Oh it’s amazing, I loved it’ these types of response came into hearing from the same society, who before been avoiding to reveal matting related concepts in public.

As I mentioned you above, artists like Bhupen Hazarika were a Guerrilla reformer, they never try to transform their society forcefully but try beautifully that people love to be the change that they want to.   

So this is it, a small discussion about the great Assamese and Indian artist.

Now you analyze and let me know what you do think about Dr.Bhupeen Hazarika.

Was he a Genius or not?

If not then why the great bridge Bhupen Hazarika Setu build on Brahmaputra river.